Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Diabetic challenge falling off the wagon

Despite my best intentions today was slightly out of control.

I thought I did okay at breakfast until I did the math.

I had my coffee with goat milk and the last of the watermelon. I pulled the last whole wheat pita from the freezer, topped it with sausage, collard and the last beautiful sliced tomato, popped it in the oven and was good.

However, it was 72 grams of carb...and I thought I was doing well.

Lunch was out...a slice of San Francisco Sourdough and a cup of clam chowder. That was in line at 53 grams of carb.

Dinner was out again at the most delicious French last official night in SF and I was being taken out to dine. So dine I did. I began with salad, bread and sweetbreads.

Then onto a fish soup with mussels, clams, monkfish, salmon and a savory garlic broth. Delicious.

What ruined my carb count...something I rarely have. A delicious chocolate dessert with raspberries baked inside and the tiniest scoop of ice cream on the side, just a heaping tablespoon. We came in at 65 grams. Two meals today were out of control.

Now that I am almost done eating at home I am really going to have to check myself. Eating out (and sometimes breakfast) can be a minefield.

Despite all the carbs I only had 1,500 calories and it was not the most nutritionally or fiber dense day I have had either.

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