Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Diabetic challenge: Becoming habit.

Today I graze.

I don't have proper meals in the house so I am eating what I have as tomorrow is the first day of the monumental move. In doing so I did alright.

I had coffee and milk (I had run out of coffee and I ran out for some, that counts as exercise)along with my two cups of watermelon and some chicken soup.

49 grams of carb.

For lunch leftovers from the fajitas. Today I had the beef and pork in tortillas with cheese and sauerkraut. Again 49 grams of carb.

Dinner was odd, 6 fried oysters from a takeout place along with some congee (thin rice soup)the last small square of lasagna and a glass of wine. Right around 60 grams of carb.

Calories 1,686

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