Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fusion on the Road: Keep on Trucking

Carrows, Reno Nevada

I had a very traditional breakfast in Reno. Bacon, eggs, biscuit, and undercooked potatoes that I did not eat. Why can't any breakfast place serve crisp potatoes?
 15 grams of carb.

I was determined NOT to eat at McDonald's. When I drove off the road and into Elko Nevada I got lost and turning back I saw a Mexican Restaurant. I went in, and despite counter service it was a real place with actual people cooking real food in the kitchen. Lunch was decided.

I got a sublime chicken enchilada with jalapeno in white sauce and skipped the rice for beans only, and I ate only half of the beans. Half of the beans was a good cup measure.

54 grams of carb...I did alright.
I forgot the name of the town where I spent the night but I did have a nice meal at a spot called Cedars of Lebanon. They were getting near close but they sat me and I had a chicken pastika with a very large serving of vegetables.

My telephone uploaded some photos as posts and some seem to have disappeared entirely...I will come back and add the photo of this lovely meal should it pop from one app to the other at any point.

It was good. 22 carbohydrates. My total for the day was 92 carbs with 1,191 calories.

Way fewer calories than normal but my exercise has been pumping gas so I am not worried about eating enough, just eating as decently as possible.

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Colleen said...

I have wondered about the potatoes myself, its not like your cooking gourmet, just get the potatoes crisp!

The enchilada and beans looks wonderful. Usually the little holes in wall places have the best food!

I am enjoying the new blog, thanks!