Friday, July 15, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 15

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In my case it seems to often be the most expensive. I begin the day with 5.02 but may use it all.

Most days I wake up HUNGRY and start with fruit right away that requires no prep and move onto something more serious. Today I made quesadillas with leftover veg from last night, cheese, and turkey. Delicious.

Coffee .25
1/2 banana .09
3 tortillas .30
Turkey 1.00
Cheese .31
Leftover veg .00

Total 1.95

I skipped lunch. I wasn't really hungry when it came time to leave the house. My scooter was being repaired and I had to pick it up, rather than drive into town and back out to the Sunset I decided to go directly to the gym. I carried a few of the Tortilla chips .15 along with some extra salt and had that as a quick snack.

My workout was subpar. I noticed that I was taking long rests between sets. I didn't feel hungry specifically but just low energy.

Dinner was EARLY. I made a soup with some of the turkey stock, broccoli, chickpeas and the last of the leftover rice.

Turkey stock 1.00
Broccoli .99
Chickpeas (the remainder of the can) .28
Total for the pot 2.27. The pot has a good 10 to 12 cups. I had two cups.


Then I took the rest of last night's pork chop, half a tomato, a tortilla and some cheese and made a quesadilla.

Tomato 1/2 .10
Cheese .31
Pork (leftover)
Tortilla .10
Iced tea .03

Dinner total 1.00

It is not even 8:00 as I write the above so let's see if my eating is finished for the night or if snacking rears it's ugly head.

And rear it's head it did. I try not to eat late because it always leads to snacking. I quelled my appetite with popcorn and salt.

1,526 calories
Day total 3.18

I carry over 1.84

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Anonymous said...

My husband left me with two kids and we've been on food stamps for a while now.

I read back to day one and know you are doing a benefit for the Food Bank. Thanks for that, we pretty much always use the food bank at the end of the month.

If your health is okay and you don't get too skinny why not take this pledge until the 27th of August? I think it makes more of a statement if you do it all the way.