Thursday, July 7, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 7

Today is a strange day.

I had an early meeting so I quickly had some coffee and peanut butter crackers.

Coffee .25
Peanut butter and crackers .46

Total .71

When I got home around 11 a.m. I was HUNGRY. Yesterday was National Fried Chicken day (Who knew?)I picked up 6 chicken wings which came to almost a pound, and cut them into sections saving the wing tips for the soup pot. I heavily seasoned and fried the meaty parts for a total of 1.27.

I predict a heavy snack in my future, and I totally need some more vegetables.

I seem to be at the store daily as I am paranoid about buying too much ahead. Today I made a run for some soap to wash dishes and the sample...Macaroni and Cheese and not the nasty stuff from a box but the good frozen stuff baked, not microwaved. I tried both varieties the 'regular' and the Fontina. I said I could not decide which I liked better and took two more samples. It was a good snack.

I came home and went for the last of the chicken soup .75.

I did a hard and heavy workout and came home with a real appetite. I took last night's pork skin and put it in a hot skillet until it puffed. Pork rinds. A very good snack and 0.00 as the cost was accounted for in yesterdays pork purchase.

I then had a small baguette .60
and two ounces of cheese at .78

It is astonishing to me how quickly this all adds up. I am not eating record amounts of food.

So we had a salad from the garden .10.

Day total 4.21

With my carryover from yesterday I am not over budget. I have .14 cents to carry into today.

1,606 calories and it is a very good thing I am taking a multivitamin because today I did a lousy job getting it all covered.

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cryptical said...


This is an interesting project you're working on. The cost of food to people on a limited budget is something I don't think of often, and the amount of calories you squeeze out of seemingly small amounts of food is amazing.

Keep up the good work!