Monday, July 4, 2011

The 4th of July on a food stamp budget

I woke up several times last night and was both hungry and tired when I got up this morning. Firworks were being blasted all around me during the night which led to a very disturbed sleep.

I went right for the toasted cheese.
2 slice rye .20
1 oz. cheddar .39
1 small pot coffee .25
Two figs .48

It takes so little to reach 1.32

And while the coffee helped I see a nap in my future as tonight may be worst than last night with the noise.

Maybe it is because it is the 4th of July but I suddenly had a craving for potato chips. I eat them upon rare occasion with a sandwich; not often because of the calories.

I went trotting down to my local Safeway to see if it was an affordable addition to my diet. Ruffles were on sale 2 bags for 5.00, but the manager said I could get one at 2.50. I looked at the weight 5 ounces. That would be over 7.50 a pound.

I could not justify 7.50 a pound for a few potatoes. Nothing I cane eat right now can come in at 7.50 a pound. Wow those companies must make a fortune.

Tired makes me hungry so I had 1/2 oz of cheddar.

Snack .20

367 calories so far. 

I need a nap sooner rather than later.

I woke up hungry. Before hitting the gym (yes even on July 4th) I made a small batch of zucchini tempura .60 and an iced tea .03.

A 63 cent lunch is a good thing,and it satisfied my craving for fried salt.

I got an e mail this afternoon with a LONG conversation from the datalounge about how the members of this site would subsist on 3.66. There were some very good ideas and I was happy to see some of these gentlemen had decided to take the challenge themselves. He did not include a link to my site so this is being spread on it's own. That makes me very happy. 

While I am still tired (nothing to do with the diet, and everything to do with the fireworks) I am off to lift some heavy things.

I took a nap. Finally rest, and I woke up hungry. I made a pizza with some of the quasi puttanesca and a little jack cheese.

Pizza 1.25
Iced Tea .03

Later I went to a friend's to see the fireworks from his roof and had a little wine and a few peanuts.

I need to make more of an effort to get some C and E from my foods. I also think that I need some more calories.

1,291 for the day. 3.43 was my money total and since I was starting with 4.16 I can carry over 73 cents.

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scientious said...

Well, obviously you are cheating by eating at your friends'. I'm also puzzled though about the figs. Figs actually cost $0.75 - 1.50 apiece. So two of these would be too high. Perhaps these were dried figs.

Most people would be more likely to buy raisins. These would often be eaten at breakfast with oatmeal or cereal or perhaps in some baked goods.