Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 11 Living on a Food Stamp Budget

I begin my day with 7.07.

Not that long ago I probably spent close to 10.00 a day on food without much thought. The idea of 7.07 is very exciting to me. I could have a second coffee, a pomegranate, even some nice cheese. Or I can continue to eat modestly knowing that this small amount will diminish over time with tiny extras like popcorn with butter.

I had the strangest mini breakfast. I woke up hungry and while the coffee brewed I sauteed mushrooms .50 worth and boiled some noodles. I salted the noodles and had them with the mushrooms and coffee .25. It was a very odd thing to eat but I craved it. I find that a lot, I now have cravings.

I believe that cravings often have a link to poor nutrition. When eating well and across the spectrum I have things I prefer but no cravings.

And the strange eating continued. I steamed 8 pork dumplings (40 for 3.99) so .80.

And then in my grazing patter I had 1/4 of a pomegranate and some yogurt .70 for both.

I have eaten more meat than is typical for me. I became hyper aware of protein when I was told that it is the one thing people relying on food banks get little of.

The strange eating continued as I polished off the final 3 black bean taquitos from my coupon day. Cost 0.00.

I saw my upstairs neighbor Sylvia and she pushed some leftover baguette on me. I chopped a tomato and added 1 oz. of feta and had half of the tomato/feta on the toasted baguette. Total .20 for tomato and .31 for cheese but since only half was consumed.

Snack .35

My turkey is still part frozen so I picked up some more pork belly on sale today. The fatty goodness is braising now and the smell permeating the house.

And I dined. I really ate a nice meal.
Pork Belly .63
Ginger .10
Wonderful snow peas from the garden .10
Leftover rice .00
2 iced tea .06

This is the most satisfying economical meal I have come up with.

My day total was 3.49 and I felt like I really ate well if oddly. 

1,864 calories.

Thank you for the e mails of concern but I am taking a multi vitamin and extra C in liquid form. My vitamin E is not being met on a regular basis by my diet but otherwise I do okay with my averages over a couple of days.

I carry forward 3.58.

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Elaine said...

Actually, it sounds pretty good! I happen to like mushrooms on toast, so noodles aren't that big a stretch.