Monday, July 25, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 25

I begin the day with a negative .26 taking my 3.66 to 3.40.

For breakfast I had my coffee, free cherries, and the last of the Mac and Cheese frozen entree along with 3 slices of bacon.

Coffee. 25
Mac and Cheese .50
Bacon .57
Total 1.32

No savings here.

I did lunch on the cheap. I am baking bread today so I pulled some of the dough and made a flat bread. I rubbed it with garlic and tomato and put a little cheese on it along with an envelope of 'Mock Duck' a free sample from a Chinese Grocer. This mushroom based concoction tasted nothing like duck at all, however it did taste like mushrooms so it worked.

Bread base .06
Tomato .20
2 oz cheese .62
Fake meat .00

Total for dish .88

I only ate half with an iced tea so lunch total

For dinner I had the second portion of the brilliant curry with rice and I added some sugar snaps from the garden to the dish. With rice and snap peas 1.63.

My day total 3.42 leaving me with only a .02 deficit and unlike all the President's horses and all the President's men I can make up my deficit.

1,902 calories but I am grateful to my multi vitamin. I almost never get enough C or E.

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