Sunday, July 24, 2011

Living on A Food Stamp Budget Day 24

I begin my day .-12 in the hole, giving me 3.54 to begin my day.

Last night I got a lovely invitation. My friend Katherine was going to be driving down from Sacramento and hosting a breakfast at her Father's house. I was only too happy to accept the invitation.

I made a loaf of European Style black bread to take at a cost of

The brunch was not until 9:30 so when I woke up I had coffee with some crackers and peanut butter.

Coffee .25
Peanut butter and crackers .46
Morning Total 1.31

She made an awesome brunch with bacon, ham, fruit salad, Egg omelet with cheese and sausage and doughnuts which I skipped because of the sugar.

I needed little lunch and got by with two cups of the potato/leek/cabbage soup.

I finally made an amazing curry. All it takes is no recipe.

I spend time in India trying to learn the cuisine as I traveled. I collected recipes and wrote down methods. I was always astonished at how quickly some of the women would take spices, mash them into oil, add vegetables and meat and make an awesome dish.

I finally got it right. I grabbed every seasoning I own that is used in Indian cuisine. I crushed everything from cardamom to mustard seed in the oil, I added the meat, and masses of turmeric and hot peppers and somehow made the best curry of my life.

The vegetables I used were what was on sale cheap. With one pound of lamb(4.50) and sale vegetables The dish came to 1.43 per serving with rice

While it is over the individual meal budget it can work and I will make it work. I put two servings in the freezer and have another on for tomorrow night.

It is without question the best meal I have made since this project began. While I could still use a little more Vitamin E, the day came in decently, the increased fruit and veg account for that.

I am now .26 in the hole. While it does not sound like a lot it means something will have to be given up.

My calories today were 1,976.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of eating lamb and taking something out of your diet you should eat rice and bean. They are cheap, filling and nutritious.