Monday, July 18, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 18

Both via e mail and in the comments section I have been challenged to continue this pledge until the 27th of August when I do the Cookathon for the San Francisco Food Bank.

I have decided to do so. Since I have begun this project my website has record readership so I am clearly hitting a note with people.

There is one person I need hear no more about however. I have been getting e mail from all over the US about one individual. According to my e mail she wears a fur coat and drives either a Mercedes or a BMW. She has 5 to 7 kids and when using her food assistance buys crab legs, lobster and steak. Food far beyond the means of those who witness her. She clearly travels very quickly as she seems to manage to go from city to city on a daily basis. Possibly Santa lends her his sleigh on his 364 days off.

Of course she does not exist but people write of this fictional character as if she were real and either they or a friend SAW her.

Here is the reality.

Most people on food assistance work at low paid jobs. The 'entitlements' are really an employer supplement which allows the rich to pay ever lower wages. They live on the edge and are well meaning honest people who need a hand. Others are seniors whose SS payments can't cover all the expenses of living. They are frugal and careful.

Rant over.

Today I begin with 5.53.

Coffee .25
Nectarine .50

And then I went for the pasta. I've an event in Oakland to drive to today so I wanted a full breakfast.
Pasta .19
Sauce .77

I am a big fan of pasta in the morning. Pizza as well if the truth be told.

Baking bread is cheap. I am not suggesting that every mother on food assistance has the time or energy to do it, however for the ones who do it costs much less to make bread at home.

In San Francisco a good loaf of Rye costs over 5.00. I got a cheaper one but it was not great.

Today I baked a loaf of Rye. Cost .56 cents in ingredients.

So I drive to Oakland to the home of my friend Iris. What a spread she made.

We began with the Rye Bread, Parmesan crackers, blueberry crusted goat cheese and vegetarian chopped liver. The veg chopped liver was amazingly delicious, it tasted nothing like liver to me, but it was a dish I would make in a heartbeat. Wonderful, and healthy.

Then we grilled asparagus and onions along with a major piece of salmon. This was served with both a carrot salad and a wild rice salad.

Dessert was blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon yogurt along with a few chocolate.

This was a feast with so many foods I love. Healthy and delicious.

When I accept social invitations it takes me off the budget (when food is provided) but if you were on food stamps and eating limited food would you not accept every invite that came along?

I would, therefore I do.

My nutrition needs were covered. That vitamin A I was lacking is being more than made up. 

Thus I carry over 3.26; If I keep going this way I may be able to afford cream for my coffee. I am tired of drinking it black.


Anonymous said...

Wow...great myth busting. I love the Santa comment.

Presto said...

Good rant, it's quite necessary in these times