Sunday, July 31, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 31

I begin my day with 6.71.

I had no coffee in the house. I started my day at half mast and stayed there. Throughout the day I did consume 5 glasses of iced tea.

Breakfast was a dim sum ie leftover dumplings along with leftover sliced chicken. (Penny sent me home with far to much leftover chicken).

Lunch was dumplings in some of the duck stock I made from the duck bones. Again cost...

I am eating this way for two reasons.

1. I have all these wonderful leftovers and I don't want them to spoil.

2. Many families on assistance programs are out of $$ by the end of the month and get something from a food pantry or whatever they can scrounge.

However prior to heading to St. Luke's Church to meet Roam and spend some time in the audience at their free concert Check out Sunday Night Mic. And it's free! The sound in the room is very warm and mellow, the new sound system is just right. You don't have to be of any particular religion to go and enjoy the music.

On the way there I stopped at Big Apple Market on Polk at Clay and they had some really good deals on vegetables and I was craving veg. I counted my pocket change and made a deal with myself I could spent only the change.

For 2.06 I got a nice broccoli, a huge onion, a carrot, and a large container of mushrooms.

I stir fried them, adding the rest of the head of cabbage I had in the house. .25 and had them with a large portion of rice .22 and some of the leftover chicken. I ate half.

Dinner Total 1.27
Day Total 1.42

Hopefully this chart will reproduce so that you can see exactly what nutrition I got out of my 1,373 calories

5.29 to carry over.

There is a reason I will share next week as to why I am being so restrictive with the $$. They will be spent.

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