Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp budget Day 12

7.24 to begin

I think I am getting too used to being stingy with myself.

My energy is pretty stable and I have no problems with it flagging at the gym, though I do suspect a little weight loss. Nothing feels tight.

I began my day with coffee .25
Baguette .60
Peanut butter and fig jam .33

Total 1.18

At lunch I dove right into the pasta with the sausage sauce and added black olives.
Sauce .66
Pasta .16
Olives .59
Iced Tea .03
Total 1.44

I've been dropping by to talk to restaurants about chef participation for the event on August 27th and today had a small plate of calamari ceviche shoved in my face with a command 'taste this'. It was really good, and free.

After the gym I did a tiny shopping and bought corn chips. What can I say I had a coupon. I tend to avoid any and all products that contain corn because most corn is genetically modified and in my humble opinion dangerous to eat. However these chips are the Non GMO organic white corn and it was 1.00 off and due to expire on the 15th. Not only that but the normal price is 2.49 for one pound so that with the coupon they become .15 a serving. I don't eat many at once. With corn chips, toilet paper and tortillas I drove home.

Once corn chips are in the house they demand to be opened and eaten. So I had a snack.
Corn Chips .15
1 oz cheese .39
The rest of yesterday's tomato and feta .35
Iced Tea .03
Total .92

For dinner I had the rest of the pork belly. This time I cooked it in garlic and salt with enough water to braise and then crisped it. Along with this I had some broccoli. I had made rice and peas, which is a favorite of mine but did not eat it. Pork and veg were enough.
Pork Belly .63
Broccoli .33 (1/3 of a large head)
Iced tea .03
Total .97

Total 4.51

Carry over 2.73
1,800 calories and my E and C are up there from food sources.

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Anonymous said...

Your commitment to this is amazing. I just discovered you this week and caught up on the posts.

There is a food drive for my local bank at the grocery this weekend. I am going to buy a case of coffee to donate.

I spend a few dollars a day on coffee and never considered how a parent would have to calculate the cost and make food decisions based on that.
.25 a day seems like so little until you look at what can and can't be eaten if you have that coffee.