Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 19

My energy is down today. I feel like one of the walking dead. Still I begin the day with 6.92.

Nonetheless I rouse myself and make a pot of coffee.
A nectarine

I do phone work and some editing and can barely rouse myself. I consider a second pot of coffee but decide lunch is in order.
More pasta and sauce.
Pasta .19
Sauce .77

And the gym. Despite my low energy I put myself through a full workout with somewhat lighter weights than usual and drop by a friend's place on the way home.

He had some fully loaded Chili Cheese Ruffles potato chips. I ate some. They tasted neither of Chili nor cheese, but they were leaden with salt and I love salt.

At home I had a proper snack of more of the turkey broth with the rice and chickpea etc.

It is now time for dinner and I am hungry and unmotivated to do much about it. But into the kitchen I will go nonetheless.

I had purchased some ground beef and it was in the freezer. The great thing about knowing a butcher is that you can buy small quantities. I like grass fed/finished beef and the Marin County grass fed ground meat is 5.99 a pound; However two ounces is .74. When you use beef that has almost no fat two ounces is the same as 4 of fatty waterlogged meat.

I browned the frozen meat and broke it apart and made a basil beef.

Beef .74
Basil .10
Chard .10
Sugar Snaps .10
Broccoli .25
Onion .10
Rice .10
The basil came from pinching a plant back and I count it as a seasoning and it is included in the .33 a day for seasoning and oil. All of the veg I have assigned a value of .10 to came from the garden. I am grateful for that garden.

I ate all the vegetables and half of the beef and rice, plus an iced tea .03 so dinner;

1,721 calories
And I carry over 3.65, almost a day's worth of food. I find myself plotting how to spend my largess; cream for coffee?

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