Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Day 26

Remember that Turkey I started a while back? I said I could get 16 meals out of it at 1.00 a portion.

Last night I pulled a carton of it out of the freezer. To freeze cooked turkey it is best to cover it with broth and put a layer of fat on the top. This creates a seal and eliminates freezer burn.

I begin my day with 3.64.

I had my breakfast early.
Cherries (free)
Coffee .25
Turkey Sandwich 1.04

I had baked a loaf of European style black bread which brings my bread cost down to .02 a slice. It is much better than the commercial Rye I began the month with at .10 a slice.

None of you should be intimidated by bread. You don't need a bread machine. If you have flour, water and yeast there is nothing to prevent it from becoming bread. Inexperienced bakers can look for the no knead recipes that are really easy and tasty.

For lunch I had the remainder of the tomato cheese bread thing I made yesterday. With an iced tea.

I got a great deal on some cheddar and had half a grilled cheese sandwich as a pre-gym snack, I got to the gym late, too early for dinner but too hungry not to have something.
1 oz cheese .24
1 slice bread .02

Dinner was opulent. I knew that I needed vegetables but at the same time I was seriously hungry. On went the water for pasta as I ran to the garden.

I used half the remaining cabbage sauteed with a bit of garlic. 1 slice of bacon, several anchovies, capers, and two egg yolks. A carbonara on steroids or sodium as was the the real case. AWESOME.
Pasta .19
Garden veg .10
Capers .20
Eggs .40
Anchovies .46
Cabbage .25
1 slice bacon .19
Total 1.60
Day Total 3.81

I now have a deficit of .17 to make up.

With only 1,427 calories to show for it.

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