Friday, July 22, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp budget Day 22

I keep being asked why? Why do this? Why be so strict? Why not have some wine and not take it out of my budget. I appreciate all the e mail and I will devote some space over the weekend to the why?

I begin my day with 4.14

For the moment we are back coping with day 22.

ODD morning. I had a meeting at St. Lukes' to discuss plans for the 27th today and was surprised by a delicious lunch.

Before I left the house I had my coffee and some cherries from a neighbor (next door apples are ripening on the trees and I can't wait)

Coffee .25
Cherries free.

I followed this with the rest of the lasagna like thing from the other day.

I was surprised with lunch at the meeting. Bill had made a wonderful Arugula salad with a lemon dressing and sliced strawberries. This along with bread and goat cheese. Though I had just eaten I had some anyway. On this program I never say no to free food, especially when it is delicious.

I had a little running around to do and folks to see and got to the gym late. My workout took the last of my blood sugar and I crashed.

I got a quessadilla from a taco Truck, loaded with hot salsa.

For dinner I took the time to go to the garden and cut down a bunch of chard which I sauteed in oil and garlic. It was a LOT of chard, but when cooked a small starter, but very delicious.

Then once again pasta with keilbasa.
Pasta combo 1.39
Chard .10

While my eating was random in a sense I did okay in the vitamin department. At 2,105 calories I am not wasting away any time soon.

I am left with .59 to carry over into the morrow if I can manage NOT to run out and buy chocolate. 

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