Saturday, July 9, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp budget Day 9

After my gorge last night first thing this morning I only wanted coffee. .25

I took the time to look at the nutrition averages. Except for C we don't need a full allotment of every vitamin every day as it can average out.

My A, and E are too low and not averaging out. My calcium is also low, but on any diet I don't eat much calcium. I have great bone density so I don't worry about it. The idea of drinking milk makes me gag.

Eventually I got around to eating party leftovers with a glass of iced tea. .03

The pork and rice were very nice re-heated. I then took my self a nap and when I awoke I had a second spot of coffee .25 and the remainder of the banana cream pie.

Finally I roused myself for a little weightlifting at the gym, ending my workout with a nice bloody nose that came out of nowhere. With a nose stuffed with tissue I motored home and had a taste of a chicken soup recipe sent to me by a reader. It was essentially doctored up bouillon. To me it tasted like salty garlic water with some noodles but the cost .15 was more than right. It did satisfy my salt craving and the massive amounts of sodium I have to consume can only be helped by bouillon.

For dinner I made a sauce. I have learned that 3.99 a pound is pretty much the max I can pay for any meat so I bought a link of hot sausage at Whole Paycheck on Haight Street. I came home and made a great pasta sauce. 4 very abundant servings.

1 sausage 1.48
1 can tomatoes .97
Head of garlic .20

Total 2.65, since garlic was my primary seasoning I used a whole head of it. I love garlic and it was great.

Simple sauce. Brown the sausage with the chopped garlic, add the tomatoes and some water. Season with salt and pepper, simmer and as it reduces use a potato masher to break up tomato chunks and sausage. Toss with pasta. Great, simple, cheap.

Per Serving .66
Pasta .16

1.714 calories.
Nutrition excellent except A and E again.


Anonymous said...

Did you drain the fat off of the sausage?

If not that would be disgusting to eat all swimming in fat. Gross, just gross.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

Sorry to offend.

I would have drained the sausage were there much of anything to drain. There was so little fat in the Whole Food Spicy Italian that I almost added oil in order to soften the garlic.

I do save chicken and duck and bacon fat, filter it and cook with it. I have no issues with cholesterol and especially now on this budget I have no room for waste.