Sunday, July 10, 2011

Living on a food stamp budget day 10

Thanks to leftovers and a birthday dinner I begin my day with 7.17.

This seems to me to be a wealth of riches. I've no doubt it will disappear quickly.

Coffee began my day. I had it while I made a 

I had two servings of cabbage soup
.48 and a small coffee at breakfast, .25.

I found extremely ripe figs on sale and made a fresh jam with them along with a little sliced ginger for punch and some lemon. It comes to .12 a two tablespoon serving. It is a little strange to track the cost of ingredients and measure the finished product to determine final price, but I am getting used to it.

I had a mini baquette .60 with jam .12 and two ounces of feta cheese crumbled on it .62. An expensive snack but a seriously delicious one.

This was followed by a big salad.

I splurged making a warm bacon dressing with two slices of bacon and topping it with a poached egg which I broke and tossed into the dressing.

Greens .10
Bacon .38

At the end of the day at the Farmers market I got tomatoes 5 for a dollar (some of the farmers sell dollar bags) and a very small but organic turkey for 15.00. Thanks to the fact that the rancher had run out of ice and was not driving back til morning. If you are on a budget it is a good idea to hit some farm markets at the end of the day. Bargains can often be had and in S.F. some of the markets do the dollar bags and you get amazing quality for very few $$.

I've already had dinner, and early which puts me at a risk for snacking but I had a second serving of the pasta with a sausage and tomato sauce. This time I garnished with chopped fresh tomato and mushrooms from my dollar bags.

Sauce .66
Pasta .19
Tomato .20
Mushrooms .20

Total 1.35

...and snack I did. I know better than to have dinner at 6:00 but around 9 I made popcorn. The cost of home popped corn is small but I used butter.

Popcorn .08
Butter .30

How many of you use butter be it on toast, or popcorn without considering the cost? For a person on food stamps even butter has a real cost and nothing can be eaten casually.

Day total 3.76 carry over 3.41.

1,579 calories and a pretty nutritious day. 


Anonymous said...

I remember Melissa something from the Food Network who won the Next Food Network Star who had a show on budget cooking for about 5 minutes.

It was a good idea but when you break it down to one person which is how it is for many, especially seniors it becomes a more difficult prospect.

Thank you for doing this and sticking with it for a month. I think we can all learn a lot.

Presto said...

I'm learning as I type this

Presto said...

I'm learning as I type this