Thursday, January 3, 2013

Living on a Food Stamp budget day 3, the Diabetic project

It is after 9 and I've not had breakfast.

I don't know if it is the rice, or something else but I have no appetite. I drank my coffee and had my pomegranate but so far ths is it.

Breakfast is important to maintain stable blood sugar and I really should eat something. Even when not on this limiting diet I tend to wake up hungry...

A friend from Italy calls distracting me, she is reading about the project, I mention I am not hungry...'Is because you no have wine.'


'Wine is for digestion, you find out.'

After the conversation I looked it up...she was right according to the NY Times. Between the no wine and the lack of fiber I guess I have to get used to slower digestion.

At noon I finally ate.

I had the leftover Mac and cheese and 3 strips of bacon. I am not sure if it was breakfast or lunch so let's call it first meal.

Pomegranate .50
Coffee .20
Mac and Cheese .53 (see day 1 for breakdown)
Bacon .51 (17 cents per slice)
Total 1.23
Carbs 47 grams
I went to the gym and came home hungry, finally hungry, I had Camellia red beans cooking in the crock pot so I devoured 1 full cup. The cost is nothing as they were a gift from a friend who came up from New Orleans. Though if purchased they cost little this particular brand is cherished by natives for the creamy texture when making red beans and rice.

I won't be having the rice (unless it's that vile brown) but I may make a soup from them. Even barely seasoned, they were tender, creamy and very satisfying. Carbs 40 grams. The fact that they are fiber filled is an added bonus.

Imagine the baguette and Bordeaux that go with it, I did.

Instead having two turkey empanadas, you can see the edge of one at the top right.

I wanted vegetables and vegetables I had, I devoured them in fact, and now will add up the cost.

2 oz of mixed greens 1.00
1 cup of shredded cabbage .10
1/3 head of broccoli .33
2 slices of bacon .34
1 poached egg .21
2 empanadas 1.42
Total 3.40

I sounds like a humble meal but it is in face an expensive one.

I began with 4.47 today and it exceeded my 4.25 plus my .22 leaving me with a deficit of .16 for tomorrow.

I had two meals, free beans and am still left with a sixteen cent deficit.

Let's check out the calories and nutrition I got out of my overspending.

25 grams of carb tonight, no issue there, but only 1,255 calories for the day.

My fiber is up closer to where it should be an my nutrition is good.


Anonymous said...

If you were a raw vegan you would never have a problem digesting food. It is the only way to live. You missed a great opportunity to change your life, you could have began with a 3 day juice fast and then stayed with raw vegan and become one of the healthiest people in the word and and example diabetics everywhere.

Imaganing I am pollyanna Prisspot said...

I just got are dryly funny.

"Imagine the baguette and Bordeax, I did". I can just imagine you imagining that.

LOVE the Naked Lady column, which seems to have been your inspiration for this salad.