Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 17 Diabetic Food Stamp Project...and so it goes

I am particularly hungry right now. I begin with 3.84.

To make up my deficit and to plan ahead for my meals today I had a scant breakfast. Very scant.

Coffee .10
Half Apple .50
Peanut butter .19

Total .79
Carbs 21 grams

Fewer than 300 calories. I am trying to stay off the scale but I know I have dropped a couple of pounds.

Lunch was more substantial.

At the .99 cent store they carry off brands of "Pasta Sides" Chemicals you add water to in order to create a food like substance, these and the Macaroni and Cheese are priced at 3 for .99.

.33 Just add water...I had to try.

At lunch I was hungry enough to eat most anything. I prepared and ate half of my .33 packet of chemicals while I seared my tuna treat.

I managed to put the tuna on a plate and eat with a fork while seated.

Tuna 5 oz 1.25
Envelope of chemicals .17
Total 1.42
Carbs 27

From a price perspective this was a perfect meal. From a nutrition perspective my day has been less than perfect and precious few calories.

In the afternoon I had to go to New Jersey to meet a journalist. He is going to be doing a piece on the food stamp project.

It got to be late and I had traveled 3 hours to get to Princeton, he offered dinner. I learned my lesson, I was chastised by folks on food stamps who never turn down a chance to eat elsewhere and extend their budgets.

Gratefully we went to an Italian restaurant. I love Italian food but knew it was filled with pasta pitfalls and bread temptations. I started with a salad.

It was neater when they served it, this is already partly eaten.

Having made pizza at home I knew it was good in a limited quantity. The crust here was white so I ate less of my 'personal' pizza. No cheese, great tangy sauce and speck sliced on top.

Plus one glass of wine

Carbs 51 grams of carbohydrate. I was a little obsessive, I went to the restroom and corralled the manager to get the amount of greens and the weight of the pre-baked pizza dough as well as the details on the flour, but at least I know my count is accurate.

1,129 calories for the day. I must find a way to eat more without adding masses of fat. I am beginning to wonder if that way exists with this budget. Total 2.21, I have 1.63 to carry over.

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