Sunday, January 6, 2013

Food Stamp Diabetic project Day 6

Costco does indeed take food stamp, they have been doing so since 2009, when they began a pilot program in NY. We got a comment from a reader claiming they did not and buying from them was unfair so I wanted to clear that up, and let anyone out there on food assistance know that if you can scrap up the membership fee, Costco is a great place for some items at low prices.

I begin my day with 4.51.
My downtown pig tail butcher had stocked cranberries for the holidays and had surplus so they were giving them away free with purchase.

Cranberry sauce traditionally involves a lot of sugar and if you purchase dried fruit it typically has both sugar and fat added, which in my opinion ruins the taste of the fruit.

I decided to dry my cranberries. I put them in a bit of water and turned it high just to explode the skin so they would not burst in the oven. I laid them on a cookie sheet at 225 and left them in the oven for 4 hours yesterday. I checked them before going to the gym and they were not quite ready so I turned the oven off, thinking I would finish them when I got home.

I forgot about them. Opened the oven this morning and they were perfect. The drying concentrates the sweetness so though tart, they are tasty. Really good in fact, and free.

I am already pushing it on the carbs this morning. I had my pomegranate, two slices of whole wheat toast and 1/4 cup of my dried cranberries and I am at 50 grams. No more carbs for breakfast.

Toast .16
Butter .18
Coffee .10
Cranberries free
Pomegranate .50
One egg .21
3 bacon slices .51
Total 1.66

I am way over on costs already and have 1/2 of the expensive pig tails for dinner. Lunch will have to be spartan. Breakfast didn't feel like an opulent extravagance. All that money and only 565 calories.

I came home from the gym incredibly hungry. I stopped at the store to buy milk for my turkey meatballs. I ended up with Half and Half because it was on sale and one pint was close to a dollar cheaper than a price of milk.

As I walked through the store I found items appealing that I had never considered eating. Jenos 99 cent bad could it be? Spam on sale, I bet it's great. I got a can of 79 cent tuna, one tomato for .23 and two bananas for 50 cents. 

I could not wait, before my coat was off the red bean soup was heating on the stove. I had both servings for lunch.

Red Bean soup .80
Iced Tea .03
Total  .83
Carbs 40

I spent a bit of time seeding pomegranate.
3 of my pomegranates gave me more than 6 cups of seeds so I can keep my serving cost at 50% and pack those 1/2 cups. 

Dinner was to be the remainder of the pigtails, tonight I decided to try a different prep. I stewed 2 cups of cabbage (that 50 cent cabbage keeps on giving)in a bit of the tomato sauce and heated the skinless pig bits in that stew. I wanted to serve it over masses of rice, but instead I served it over a scant bit of Pastini. Topped with cheese from a can (it is really cheap and not bad tasting) and some fresh basil It made an appealing plate. 

Pasta .12
Cabbage .10
Sauce .20
Pig Tail 1.46
Canned Cheese .05
Total 1.93
Carbs 50 grams

Let us see if I made budget today. 4.42 giving me an entire 9 cents to carry into the morrow. 

1,631 calories. I am not sure how to get those calories up, while keeping the carbs low. I've already relied on pasta more than I should and I can't do that every day. I should be getting another 600 to 800 calories a day. 



Gloria said...

I hope you realize that not everyone knows how to dry cranberries, make dumplings and empanadas, and do all these things you can do as an experienced chef.

Most people on food stamps come home from work tired and hungry and can't devote hours of labor to bread baking and pomegranate seeding.

Anonymous said...

Gloria, Those are the points of the exercise - it takes knowledge, time, energy and some skills, not to mention creativity - to eat healthy on a food stamp budget.

Anonymous said...

You seem to eat a good many things my doctor has forbidden. I am not supposed to eat fruit (other than berries), roots or grains. Are you taking insulin injections? I only take metformin, and am supposed to be careful of my diet. Just curious.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

I can't comment on what your doctor has forbidden or why. I don't have your tests in front of me or know your particular case. If you want something that has been forbidden ask your doctor why, and if you can have a small portion?

I am not taking insulin, if you read from the beginning you will have a better picture.

Anonymous said...

@Gloria - bread baking - try this recipe, it's just overnight & easy.

Also Chef talked how to dry the cranberries easily in his post but not everyone that's a diabetic should have cranberries.

I believe Chef has included all the recipes for all of the things he's doing in his posts.

One request for Chef, can the next "challenge" be a "low protein" one for those that are on low-pro diets due to kidney issues?

& FWIW, we are having to cut back, we're eating lots of beans these days, beans are amazingly cheap.