Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 12 Food Stamp Diabetic Project

I have 3.55 to begin my day, down .70 from overeating vegetables.

The government spends millions telling poor people to eat vegetables, but does nothing to make them more affordable.

It is a balancing act between vegetables and calories, one that many people do every day.

I began my cuts at breakfast.

Can of tuna .79
3 slices from the small Rye Loaf .18
Coffee with cream .24
Total 1.21

A savings of .20 from my allowance. I didn't fully drain the tuna so it was moist. I am glad I resisted the temptation to eat an orange as the .25 would have put me over.

29 grams of carb, so that was just fine.

The only good deal at the 99 cent store was my coffee, so I restocked. I scoured the shelves for food items.

Grocery has Ramen on sale 4 for a dollar. A 25 cent meal is tempting but the sodium and carbs are both through the roof.

I made a pizza for lunch, a mushroom pizza. I am quickly depleting my cheese scraps, but it was an affordable and delicious lunch.

Mushrooms don't weigh much. The price was 1.99 a lb, but 3 mushrooms came to only twelve cents. I got a funny look from the clerk when I only bought 3 mushrooms and nothing else, but so what?

I pulled out the last of the pizza crust dough and pulled it as thin and tight as Suzanne Sommers face. I topped it with some seasoned tomato sauce (small cans 4 for a dollar),the mushrooms and my cheap cheese.
Cheese .30
Crust .08
Mushrooms .12
Sauce .13
Iced tea .03
Total .66
25 grams of carb
This particular meal was a triumph for me as I was considering a frozen Jeno's pizza for one because it was priced at .99. Even if I had bought normal cheese on sale I still could come in at less. My pizza was also slightly bigger than the frozen.

I made up my deficit and am looking forward to a decent dinner with vegetables. Fruit was today's sacrifice.

My energy is another sacrifice. I am not a napper but again today I just had to lay down for a moment and I was out for one hour and fifteen minutes.

I waited til 7 to begin dinner so I would eat late enough to get through the night.

Vegetables make me very happy, let's see how I did. I made essentially the same pork stir fry as last night but with smaller amount and variety of vegetable.

Green beans .35
Onion .10
Half Pepper .20
Pork Bits .82

Total 1.47
Carbs 23 grams, but barely over 1,000 calories.

I am going to wait to close today out to see if I make it without eating more.

...and more I ate, though the cost was nothing. A neighbor was in the lobby sharing chocolate, I went down to see the Doorman and she pushed and I had 3.

50 grams of carb, just enough to cause problems, but not crisis.

On Huffington Post I am getting a lot of vitriolic anger from discussing this topic. I think it is fear that make people angry, fear of being in the position of a diabetic on food they insist that this is an easy path and all you need to do is.........

Let's add up the day.
Total 3.34 giving me .21 to carry into tomorrow. I am going to need it.


Anonymous said...

I've shared your site all over the web and even sent it to legislators in my state and federal delegations.

I point out that taking RI's allowance over 30 days of $200 or $6.67 a day and hiking that to $12 a day would mean only an additional $160.

You're working with under $5 a day, imagine double + 2. You could probably work some more vegetables and fruit in there.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

Thank you for all your efforts. The more we link, share and post the more attention this issue will get. Facebook, twitter, press if you know all helps to bring attention to this issue.

With another 3 to 4 dollars a day, even for a diabetic I could show ways to make it work well with current food prices.

The biggest problem is wages. CEOs make obscene amounts of money while the workers make nothing. Yet every dollar those workers make reduces their benefit.

rice feeds the word and the world is getting sick said...

I keep looking at the nutrition and thinking...he needs more fiber, he needs more C he needs more....

He needs more. It comes down to money.

Is it any surprise our poor get type II when the only way to stay full is rice.

For pennies you could add rice to any of those meals and have way more calories and a more full belly.