Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 20 The food stamp Diabetic Project

I begin my day with 5.60

I am relying (possibly too heavily) on pizza. I get the great deal on cheese scraps (two bags last night)and have found that by aging my starter I get a great tangy crust. It has become a go to meal that I should eat less of.

It is not forcing me to be creative with my choices.

That said, I had pizza for breakfast.

I made a slightly thicker crust and took two slices of tomato mushed them about with a bit of onion, garlic and dried oregano for the sauce and topped with my cheap cheese as well as tomato slices and bacon.

One cannot argue with satisfying and tast.

Before the pizza I stood at the counter sampling cheese bits and my pomegranate with coffee. To say twas a piggy morning would not be a lie.

Pomegranate .50
Crust .10
Coffee .10
Onion .10
Garlic .02 (2 fresh cloves)
Half tomato .25
Cheese .40
Bacon 3 slices .51
Total 1.97
Carbs 61.6

The thicker crust and the addition of the onion blew my carbs over. Triple Damn.

I thought pizza was safe but even I forget how many carbs are in an onion, a simple innocuous onion.

At lunch I had some of my cabbage soup. Made with dumpling water, free, twenty cents worth of cabbage and half a tomato at twenty five cents.

The pot of at least 5 cups cost .45

Soup .09
Iced tea .03
Total .12
8 grams of carb

Cabbage Soup was a staple the first time I did a food stamp project. It is a nutrition powerhouse that costs little. I need to eat it more.

I did give in to a snack, an entire dime's worth of sunflower seeds.

Seeds .10
Carbs 8 grams

Dinner was last night again.

I took the last of the beef and Gai Lan and the remaining 1/2 cup rice and stir fried it all together.

Then I added the remainder of the green onion as a garnish...lovely meal.

Leftovers 1.46
Green Onion addition .37
Total 1.83
Carbs 46 grams

Ultimately I got my carbs under control for the day clocking in at 122. Calories 1,394.

Total 4.12 

This gives me 1.48 to carry over into tomorrow. To save money you are either taken out or sacrifice a meal. This does not seem to balance easily any other way.

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da bitch in 23 said...


Happy Martin Luther King day.

I saw what you said on Huffington Post about wasting food, that fool who said to throw the eggs yolks away.

I love that you are such an fighter.

Harlem is a better place with you here. I just wanted to send some love today.