Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 16 the Diabetic Food Stamp Project

I reached a level of hunger today I did not know existed.

When I got home after a long day (I missed lunch)I grabbed the cat food to feed the two crying kitties and the the cat food smelled good to me, so good I almost took a bite.

My day began more moderately with 4.38

Because of my late night pizza I got up with a normal appetite not a ravenous hunger. I took a little time over my coffee and pomegranate. Then moved onto liver paste with my tiny toasts.

Coffee .10
Toasts .20
Pomegranate .50
Liver .28
Total 1.08
Carbs 51 grams
The onion in the liver pushes up the carbohydrate. 

And then I did not eat for the rest of the day.

I had so many places to go and so many things to do and I could not find a cheap place to eat. How much can you buy when out for about a buck?

I know there is one dollar a slice pizza in midtown, but I didn't know where and I had no energy to look.

I stopped by the blood bank to say hello to a friend who works there and grabbed a bag of popcorn chips.

23 Grams of carb

That when I got home and almost dived into the cat food.

I quickly got the rest of the game hen stock on the stove and added 5 dumplings.

Dumplings 1.00
Carbs 17 grams

I saved the broth for dinner soup and got to work on some Flatbread.

I put the bread starter in the refrigerator to deal with another day and made Poke.

If you have never had Poke it is a Hawaiian marinated Tuna dish.

How can I afford Tuna? Trader Joe's sells what are essentially trimmings from the steaks. They come frozen for 3.99 a lb. I used an entire 6 ounces for this dish.

The only essential ingredients are fish and soy sauce, sesame oil, hot chili paste, green onions or Maui onions are awesome additions.

I took 6 ounces of the Poke, half a hot pepper, soy sauce and green onions and let it all marinate for an hour.

While the fish did it's thing I used up the stock and added the rest of the head of broccoli and had a very simple broccoli soup.

Then the fish....awesome. Over in the Islands they might be appalled at my frozen fish, but I love it.

Broth .38
Broccoli .44
Half Hot pepper .03
6 ounces of fish 1.49
Green onions (3).37
Total 2.71
Carbs 13 grams

Total for day 4.79

This was a seriously expensive feast.

Think about it;if you are diabetic you will meet with a nutritionist who will tell you to eat seafood and vegetables. Great Omega 3 for the heart, good fiber, vitamins, etc.

Then if you are poor or on assistance and you look at your budget even bargain frozen trimmed bits are not cheap, add in those vegetables and it becomes a feast. One I can scarcely afford.

Today's total 4.79 over budget by .41 that I lose tomorrow.

Only 1,025 calories with some decent nutrition. Not good enough despite my excess spending.

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