Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 27 The Diabetic Food Stamp Diet

Today I have 6.55 and a keener understanding of the struggles and choices diabetics have to make.

Twice yesterday I was pushing my sugars.

I am tired of working so hard and constantly striving to be creative.

I want to eat an entire head of broccoli and not worry that I have blown my budget. I want big fruit salads made with organic fruit and not ration out my half cups. I want to douse things in olive oil and not be afraid of blowing my replacement budget.

...and I have a month to go.

I looked to the comments for inspiration. There was one suggesting beans in a tortilla.

I had chili already to go and got up and made tortilla. I did a very small ball of dough that made 4 small tortilla when pressed out. I cooked them in a cast iron skillet screaming hot.

I am glad I did not make more as I would have slathered any extra in butter and downed them at the stove.

I measured out chili, grated a variety of my cheap cheeses and made 4 quesadilla, two of which I had for breakfast.

I admit to toasting them in butter. They made a good substantial breakfast. 4 cost me .20 in tortilla ingredients, .40 in cheese and 1.58 in chili making them .55 each.

Two quesadillas 1.10
Butter to toast them .10
Iced tea .03
Total 1.23
Carbs 39 grams

I could not have been happier when the phone rang a bit afternoon and I was invited to lunch. Two old friends had just landed and we met at Kashkaval.

We talked more than ate but there I was tracking each bite of tasty vegetarian food. Kashkaval serves tapas like mini plates of foods like Olive tapenade, hummus, Red pepper and Walnut paste. It is healthy fresh, and with whole wheat pita entirely suitable for a diabetic. My friend picked up the tab but a small plate with enough for two to share would set you back 12 bucks.

Lunch 00.00
Carbs 50 grams

It was the stuffed grape leaves the pushed this, not into the danger zone but higher. That damn rice.

I turned down the wine, wanting to go to the gym after since I had skipped on Saturday. As lean as I am these days if I miss the gym I feel fat.

I did come home hungry with precious little in the house. I chopped up the remaining Bok Choy added it to the congee along with a few ounces of chopped pork (one of those small pork skirts from the beginning of the month.)

I ended up eating half of the soup. Then I made a big bowl of popcorn and had it with a bit of sliced cheese.

Congee .15
1/2 bok choy .12
1/2 skirt steak (about 3 ounces).28
Cheese .20
Popocorn .09
Plenty of butter .20
Total 1.04
Carbs 43 grams

Calories 1,808

Day Total 2.27

Leaving me with 4.28 to carry over. I have developed issues. A fear of eating too much, a fear of having no money left, a fear of going hungry all the time, so I go hungry part of the time.

A budget this strict really messes with your head.

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Anonymous said...

I been reading since day 1. Takes a toll, people don't understand the toll it takes.

Beginning of the month you making all kinds of food and getting prepared now you worn out.

I feel your pain, but you are doing the right thing. Let people know how hard this is.