Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 29, the Diabetic Food Stamp project

It is pretty obvious from the numbers that we have new readers each day, a lot of them so I want to take a minute to tell you about why I am doing this.

In July 2011 I took on a one week challenge to live on a Food Stamp budget as I prepared for a benefit for the SF Food Bank. You can read about it here.

After I had completed the 12 hour cookathon and raised money food and awareness I was asked to do one for Harlem Hospital to raise seed money for Stirring The Pot Harlem. 

That link will also give you the page if you want to make a donation. Every dollar gets us closer to our goal. 

Eventually I came to NY to begin running the program, after a year of recipe development, and planning.

Right now in order to keep the program running I am teaching private cooking classes. If you hurry you might still get the groupon discount. 

The food in the classes is first quality and at a much higher price point. I won't stare hungrily while my students eat. I will have my cup of gruel ready to enjoy with them.
I woke up with a face I no longer recognized.

I don't know what was in that food last night but I am bloated like a Macy's balloon. Puffy hands, puffy face, puffy belly.

Neither salt, nor MSG tend to give me a reaction but I have about 3 liters of water in my cheeks.

What can I do, there are leftovers and they will be eaten.

I begin my day with 4.72.

I went in the kitchen and measured the rice from last night. 3/4 cup, or 40 grams of carb.

I am having black coffee while considering breakfast. The bloat from last night has me not yet hungry.

So I finally made the fried rice. When I removed the chicken from the bowl I had stored it in there was more rice under the chicken. I re-measured and it turns out I had 1.5 cups of white rice and 6 ounces of sliced chicken. I fried it all up with a touch of added soy.

I ate half...

I am going to get another meal out of this.

I had added flax seeds to give me additional fiber and they added a rich nutty taste, but the stuffed feeling returned and I put the bowl away.

Rice and chicken (leftover, cost accounted for yesterday)
Flax .10
Coffee .10 (black again)
Total .20
Carbs 42 grams

Bloated is like satisfied but you don't want to even think about food for a while. This may be why so many foods that cause water retention and bloat are so popular...It is the only thing I can think of that might explain McDonald's success.

A lot of back and forth this morning with all kinds of folks and it was after noon when I readied myself to leave for Chinatown to get vegetables.

I had a cup of prophylactic chili in the hops of not becoming massively hungry while out.

Cup of chili .79
Carbs 21 grams 

So I went to the gym and then down to Chinatown, feeling pretty good.

By the time I reached the Mulberry Meat Market around 3 my energy was flagging and I was starting to rumble.

I started talking to a woman who had come down from the Bronx to shop there and we are sharing our dime stretching stories and she tells me about her favorite dumpling shop down Mulberry by the park. They sell frozen dumplings 50 for 9 bucks. I do the calculations...2 cents cheaper than when I make them and I won't have to stand for hours. I put the dumplings skins back, pay for my rib bits and chicken and head to the dumpling store.

They looked good, but did they taste good. 5 prepared were being sold for 1.25. I had to try.

They had prepared them pot sticker style and they were great. Juicy filled with porky chivy goodness. Not as great as mine, they lacked the freshly ground Sechaun peppercorns and the grated ginger, but for .18 a dumpling.

Come to Pappa.

5 dumplings 1.25
Carbs 37 grams

What was most shocking was the calorie content. Frying those dumplings really drives the calories up. Ah well. I need the calories so I won't bemoan a crisp exterior.

And then I finished my shopping.

Is this not the smallest cutest red cabbage you have ever seen. I put it next to a normal sized red pepper for perspective. 
In Chinatown today I bought.
Gai Lan 1.43
Crown Broccoli .95 (finally and it's beautiful)Still 3.49 in Harlem.
Red Pepper .66
Red Cabbage .33
Plum tomato .39
Noodles 1.39
I finally found a good chow mein style noodle made with egg and some barley and buckwheat so it falls within the carbs I can have. Portion will have to be strictly measured but I can live with that. 1.39 for the 4 servings. 
For dinner I had to use the rest of the chicken and rice (3rd meal from a 4 dollar investment)but wanted vegetables so I began with vegetables.
After those were close to crisp steam fried I added in the chicken and rice mix and had a huge meal.

Chicken and Rice (leftover)
Broccoli half a crown .48
Red Pepper (1/2) .33
Half a head of red cabbage .17
Iced tea .03
Total 1.01
Carbs 50 grams (don't worry about carbs from fibrous vegetables)

How did I do for the day?

Total 3.25 (due only to my big spending the day before and lots of leftover)

I began with 4.72 leaving me with 1.47 to carry over.

Let's look at the nutrition.


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