Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 9 Food Stamp Diabetic Project

I have up to 5.65 today. I feel rich. So I began with a rich and satisfying breakfast.

Breakfast pizza with egg. That little batch of whole wheat pizza dough I made is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dough .08
Sausage .70
Cheese .30
Egg .21
Banana .25
Coffee/cream .24
Total 1.78 WAY above the normal budget, but I got over 700 calories from it and thus have been having a better day.

Carbs 45.

Lunch was late and I had half a pot of soup, total cost of pot....

I took the water I had cooked the turkey meatballs in refrigerated it and used it as soup base. I added two ground carrots .24, 1/4 bag of frozen spinach .25, 10 turkey meatballs .70 Half a container of frozen cheese tortellini .99, which came to 2.18.

Half a small pot of soup 1.09
Iced tea .03
Total 1.12
31 grams of carb

And then I was off to check in with my nutritionist. She has been following the site but wanted me to run a report and check out how many of my calories were from fat.
Fat is the Blue and it comes in at 42%. I am supposed to reduce it to 35% and up the protein. I am allowed a few more carbs than I have most meals and was advised that it is best to avoid most rice I can up the pasta to 2 ounces IF I use a sauce that is not carbohydrate heavy. A traditional tomato is carby, but a garlic and oil with a low carb vegetable would be acceptable.

...and all of this while maintaining this ridiculously low budget and trying to get enough calories to survive. She also said I 'should' be eating more fruit and veg but it was clear I could not afford them.

And from there to the gym. In some ways I love my gym, NYSC; there are many locations so I can get a workout in daily. Some of them have really nice and professional staff. The one I often go to is 80th as it is near Zabars the home of my cheap cheese bits. All of the trainers there are checking in with me about my energy and stamina on this diet and yesterday Mike took me on, and led me through a workout his style.

It was wonderful. I used all of my effort and energy. I really don't want to lose muscle tissue on this reduced calorie diet, but as anyone who has ever done Atkins can tell you when you are limiting carbohydrate the body can consume muscle for energy while keeping the fat. I work hard not to miss a workout.

The one drawback to my club location are the Seniors on Cialis who haunt the locker room. This element lives at every gym and in most it is benign enough to ignore, but at this location the lacivious lurching and learing is both ludicrous and laughable.

Amazingly enough today I am not particularly sore...check in with me tomorrow.

Was my day

I went to a backer's presentation for Kinky Boots. I was checking it out for a friend overseas. He occasionally puts money into a show. Years ago I advised him to put money into Hairspray after hearing the music and after it's sensational run he trusts my instincts.

Despite being told over and over again how wonderful the score was, and how great the songs were for the characters...we never heard them, save a couple of repeated words over a 'sizzle' video that failed to even spark.

No stars, good numbers but without any music, no way to tell if this might be a hit.

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because they served cheese. Right after being told I am eating too much fat I dive into cheese. I held it to 3 crackers and 8 grapes but I had 8 cubes of cheese. It wasn't even good cheese, but I ate it.

My little snack was 20 grams of carb.

...and wine, I had a glass of wine. It added another 4 grams of carb.

And the fat I was supposed to be watching,50% so far for the day.

Dinner was desperate.

I got home late and ready to crash from hunger. It was all I could do to pass the fried whiting on the way home.

I put water on to boil, fed the cats and dropped 8 of my dumplings in the water now almost boiling. When they were ready I scarfed them down.

8 dumplings 1.60
29 grams of carb

Best Calorie count so far at 2,053.

Cost for the day 4.50 leaving me with 1.15 to carry over.


tired when I get tired said...

I am getting inspiration.

My daughter is type II and my mother is type II and we are not on food assistance, but I am the only one working and money is tighter than tight.

You are putting a lot of time and effort into your food and I have to admit I gave up. My moms cooks rice, rice and more rice, with stewed meat and not many vegetables and we all eat it because we are tired.

I know how to make pizza dough, and with whole wheat it is good for all of us, I know how to do a spinach and tomato pie and this weekend we are going to have one.

How tired are you?

Dave said...

I just read the Seniors on Cialis comment and I cannot believe you wen there.

You are so right.

Is there nothing you won't say?