Friday, May 4, 2012

Temptations while living as a diabetic

Before I get into the food for the day let me provide you with a link for Stirring The Pot. This is the name of the program Harlem Hospital is trying to raise money to put together. For those who are motivated to send a donation
Check payable to:  Harlem Hospital
c/o Ms. Denise Soares, RN, MA
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I now know why Dieticians say to avoid salty snacks like tortilla chips.

When in the house they call you. They scream out from the cupboard, they demand to be eaten. Before even coffee I was counting out 7 chips with some hot salsa. Right out of bed I was experience a deep bone craving. I had them and proceeded to have a 'healthy' breakfast but I exceeded my maximum carbs per meal as a result.

As a result I ate 66 grams of carbohydrate. I am aiming for 45, allowed to go to 60. While this may not have put me in crisis, it is a slippery slope. In addition to my 7 chips (just 7) I had a tortilla with beans, sausage and cheese, 1/2 a banana and my coffee with goat milk.

Barely over 600 calories.

What I need to remember is that most of the world uses corn only to fatten animals. Corn is fattening. It is not a vegetable, it is a grain,a sugary fattening grain.

That said. I really want more. I may end up burying them in the compost to remove temptation.

At lunch I had no appetite. However the rule is that I can't skip meals. I had a nice apple and since the rule is it must be paired with a protein 1.5 ounces of smoked salmon (great sale yesterday)

And I came home from my day ravenous. I have noticed the extremes. I am often without appetite or very hungry.

I had 1 oz of Gouda with 3 Ak Mak crackers, a perfect snack.

I had a meal planned prepared and ready to go when I was asked to join a friend for Chinese food. Lamb with scallions and mixed vegetables followed. I avoided the rice since I had not checked to see what portion I might have.

I did have my glass of wine and square of dark chocolate.

At the end of the day 1,683 calories,with 117 grams of carbohydrate.

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Anonymous said...

Fruits and vegetables are the best and they are also carbo loaded in many cases.

What a horrible balancing act this must be.