Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living on a Food Stamp Budget as a Diabetic Day 2

Fourteen Cents. I have fourteen cents in addition to my 4.35.

I begin my day with 4.49
Coffee .25
Goat Milk .18
Bacon, 2 slices .42
2 eggs.40
Whole wheat bread, 2 slices .24
6 strawberries .60

Does this sound like an ostentatious breakfast to you? Huge, enormous excessive?

I made an error when I bought the easy one. When you compare prices realize that some bacon comes in 20 ounce packages, some 16 ounce, and some 12. They all appear to be the same size. I failed to check. The strawberries which seemed like such a deal on their own and were so ripe that had to be eaten cost me 10 cents each when I did the math.

The good news is that I had 34 grams of carbohydrate. The better news is that I feel satisfied for the first time in 24 hours I am not hungry. 

When I work I often forget to eat so it was a late snack/lunch. Rather than pull from the abundance in the pantry I stuck to my pledge having a can of bean soup (2 cans for a buck) which though organic was largely flavorless.

I followed this with a boiled egg.

Soup .50
Egg .20
Lunch .70
When offered a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie...was I going to say no. NO! I had the cookie. The whole combo was 29 grams of carbohydrate.

Dinner was a grab fest. I was starving and in the time it takes to boil water I had pasta, just one ounce, a safe portion but I had to have it. I used my tomato and tossed it in a pan with some garlic, salt and a touch of water and then stirred in cottage cheese to finish the sauce as I added the pasta.

Great stuff, though the portion was tiny.
1 oz pasta .08
1 Roma tomato .20
2 tablespoons cottage cheese .25

I followed this with a mess of collard greens sauteed with garlic and salt.
Greens. 35
Two chicken legs 1.00
Dinner 1.88

I went .32 cents over. This is why the Food banks are so vital. Just a few days of eating an extra thirty two cents worth of food can make your food stamps run out before the end of the month. In the worst case this means that you have nothing to eat.

On this I only managed 1,205 calories.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is only for one week, but I worry when you take in so little food.

No one enjoys food more than a hungry man.