Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Living as a Diabetic: What's up with Paula Deen

The first celebrity I contacted to invite to the event on the 19th was Paula Deen. I wrote her via here management, the food network and several of the Executives at her Drug Company.

She is the only person I have contacted who has refused to give a response of any type. Not a yes, a no, a maybe, an I'm busy. So I began again and no one would even take a call.

Has her drug company fired her? Is that why everyone is lying low? Do they not want her to appear at a high profile event to help other Diabetics?

Where are you Paula Deen?

Speaking of invitations. If anyone has a good contact for Mayor Michael Bloomberg please share. He cares about the health of New Yorkers, the recent smoking bans are one of the best things he has done. How about it Mayor? Come join us and add to your legacy of health. 

...and onto breakfast. I was feeling my lack of vegetables and making a cabbage soup to have on hand, a good one with chickpea and tomato, a nice chicken broth...well I ended up having it for breakfast.

I started working the phones for the event at Harlem Hospital on the 19th and it was hot and ready to go so it was breakfast. With my coffee and goat milk it was 31 grams of carb. My ratio is a bit off but not dangerously so.

I will eat more when I get to work.

I had no idea how true that sentence above was when I wrote it...I did eat more, and a bit too much.

My lunch was quite sensible, 3 strips bacon, one egg, thin sliced whole wheat bread with a little mayo. A fried egg sandwich; just under 20 grams of carbohydrate.

It was later I got in trouble.

Let's talk the good part. I had the most wonderful salad prepared by Micah our new intern. It had peppers, cabbage, carrots, mixed greens,onion, cucumber, tomato, etc.

How bad really would just 3 slices of pizza be? 85 grams of carb, it would have put me in the danger zone, requiring a quick insulin adjustment and may have had repercussions beyond that. 2 slices would be the diabetic limit.

At 163 grams of carbohydrate I did not exceed my outside limit but the pizza was a bad (but delicious) idea. Think about the diabetics you know and how difficult life must be that they can't enjoy pizza in the same way. As I have said before this is not an easy life.

Calories 1,837. Carbs 36% of my diet.

 Tell your people to call us back Paula and if you are busy, see if Bobby can come. Everybody loves Bobby Deen.

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