Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting enough to eat as a Diabetic

I woke up this morning not hungy. This was a huge surprise as most every morning since I have begun this I have woken up wanting badly to eat, quickly.

Today I took care of the cats, and made the coffee, not hungry. It was knowing that I can not skip meals that prompted me to eat.

I think it is the risotto. I once stayed with a friend in Europe who had embraced Atkins and all weekend long we ate low carb vegetables and significant protein. I was hungry the entire time.

We all know carbohydrates contain more water during digestion. I am thinking that as a result they fill the crevices in a way cheese never can. This is not the scientific explanation but today I am not starving upon waking.

In fact I had to tempt myself into eating at all.

I made toast (one slice whole wheat), warmed leftover lamb, sliced some cheese and peeled a tangelo.

Breakfast carbs were 37 grams and 29% of my repast.

My dietician suggested that if I wanted salsa to try it with celery rather than the high carb chips. I did, it does not work for me. I would rather count out 7 chips and savor them then eat a mass of celery with salsa.

When I got to work I saw some burritos calling my name. A special from the night before. I cut one open...loaded with fat, meat, rice...oh boy. I cut a small piece and warmed it, while each bit was a heart stopper I did enjoy it.

I think that leads to an important point, savor your food. Eat slowly and enjoy. I have never been a fast eater but since beginning this when I have something I enjoy...I take a long time and relish it.  29 grams a safe snack.

Later I put together a killer lasagna but restricted myself to 2 bites and a bunch of broccoli. Roast broccoli is my favorite.

I got home hungry. I am going to create a post from the doctor who is supervising this project at Harlem hospital. She says to substitute good habits for bad and I realize what I've done. I have substituted cheese for pasta. Pasta has always been my quick go to meal when I get home and am starving. Now it is cheese. I need to look for a another choice.

2 ak mak, gouda and some duck liver with a sliced tomato, my wine and my chocolate. The wine is a measured pour btw...5 ounces. Never more and god knows never less. 

If you remember my goal is 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrate per meal and 15 to 20 per snack or 165 to 225 absolute maximum, with no penalty for going lower but to try to get at least 100 grams per day.  With 1628 calories my carbs were exactly 30% of my diet.


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