Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living as a Diabetic: President Obama

I live in San Francisco.

I woke up to the news that President Obama finally acknowledge that all American should have the same civil rights. My e mail box was full of forwards of various articles and blogs. Facebook was the same loaded with pro and one con.

I went to the barber and they were all talking. My little Asian neighborhood seemed to be filled with people who had a niece, a newphew, a son; and they were all jubilant.

Maybe it is because this is San Francisco but there is a spirit of celebration in the air. While I also think this is a wonderful step forward for our country; it should have always been the case. The fact that it was 2012 before a President said all men are created equal and should have the same right to happiness is stunning to me.

...and on to breakfast.

8 large beautiful strawberries were downed with my coffee. Then 8 Ak Mak crackers and a couple of ounces of St. Andre cheese. After that I was working the phones and very busy. Realizing I would need lunch I stuffed one of those fiber tortillas with beans, a couple of chicken livers, salsa and cheese. Breakfast 41 grams of carbohydrate and lunch 39, both well within range.

Knowing I was going to begin my 1.48 per meal tomorrow I checked the freezer for anything that might be helpful and found a nice corned beef.

Many Americans eat corned beef once a year; on St. Patrick's Day. The day after most every store and butcher shop puts it on sale. I looked at what I had paid and realize that I could have it for fifty cents a serving. What could I do but put it in the crock pot with a touch of water before leaving the house.

On my way home I did a very small shopping for the Food Stamp diet I begin tomorrow. Since I am in SF for the first few days and in NY for the rest of the period I did not want too much food around the house.

I got home hungry and tore into the corned beef right inside the door. I stood at the kitchen counter and had two nice slices. Not a civilized meal but a good one.

I then went into the garden and filled a bowl with lettuce. I had an idea for a dressing so I cut a lot of lettuce. I washed and dried it and made a cottage cheese dressing.

Cottage Cheese dressing
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil (more if you like)
1 little splash of vinegar (not much)
Cumin to taste (I used quite a bit)
Freshly ground black pepper
I finely diced Roma tomato
Dash of salt

I let the flavors meld together a bit and tasted...oh yea. I dressed the salad and wow...good stuff. Most bottled dressing are either mostly fat, or mostly sugar. This was mostly whey. Lowfat, tasty and filling. After the salad I had no more food. I was done. I wrapped up the corned beef for the food stamp project and had my wine, and then a second glass.

Being as today I can have no more wine, I did a double and since my dinner carbs were only 15 it was a safe choice.
1,725 calories, carbs 22%.

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