Sunday, May 13, 2012

Living as a Diabetic on a Food stamp budget day 3

I awoke at 6 wondering how on earth I could manage a special Mother's day breakfast  with my day beginning in a .32 deficit.

I begin with 4.03.

As I stared at my pantry a thought came to my head. I made a pastry with sort of an omelet on top and it worked.

1 cup of flour .16
3 tablespoons of butter .57
2 eggs .40
1/2 bunch Green onions .19
1 ounce of Swiss .15
Total 1.48

I made a square pastry like a pizza thing of sorts, par baked it then topped it with the egg mixture and baked until set. I topped with the chopped green onion. It was festive and delicious and my Jewish Mama provided the fruit and tea, by skipping my morning coffee I made it work.

I will likely skip lunch but it was a happy special breakfast for two on my budget for one.

In addition I ate 4 blackberries, 4 raspberries and 1/4 sliced banana.

This may be a cheat and I will not lie to you readers but I am drinking coffee at work today. I had to skip it at breakfast in order to make a meal for two. I am surrounded by beautiful food for the Mother's day Specials all of which I could make a grab for and I am sticking to coffee, as penance;Black.

As I sit down the the most recent cup of black coffee I have a cheese puff. I made these beautiful puffs to garnish the composed salads. While it would be irresponsible to serve them without tasting I could have cut off a small bite and offered it to someone else but I knew as soon as I put it on the plate I would eat the entire thing.

Though I did not pay for the ingredients I am penalizing my budget by fifty cents that I will drop in the box at St. Luke's on my way home. They host a weekly food pantry.

Penance .50

I am not sure how many gorgeous, crisp, pomegranate glazed Cornish hens I sent out of the kitchen tonight but despite my close proximity to succulent smells and tantalizing tastes I resisted temptation. Part of me tried to rationalize. 'If I were on food stamps and I worked in a kitchen I would eat everything I could." and is true, many restaurant workers are so poorly paid they do rely on assistance.

However I made a commitment and I am going to stick to it; even though there is a small dish of Potatoes Au gratin, never served and still hot and bubbly and oozing with Gruyere cheese and molten butter.

When I got home I was grateful that I had thought ahead and planned dinner.

I had put two chicken thighs in the crock pot with a whole tomato, a carrot some salt and garlic.

As I plated the food I drank the broth from a big spoon. Food; finally.

I had one thigh, the carrot and the tomato and I scarfed them down.

Thigh .54
Tomato .20
Carrot .11
Total .85

I am still hungry, but I need to sit for a moment and digest. 

I finally decided to top it all off with popcorn.

Popcorn .13

Day total 2.96

I carry over 1.07. Now I wish I had eaten more, but unless you walk around with a calculator (no I don't have an iphone)it can be hard to know.

How much must the mother on assistance skimp when she knows her child has a birthday coming up? Even without a calculator she knows that if her benefits run out, there won't be a cake.

I managed 829 calories and 66 grams of carb for the day. I thought about food the whole day.

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