Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living on a Food stamp budge: Diabetic restrictions and on the road

I am couchsurfing. Staying with friends and no pantry with any of my staples to work with. I am on the Upper West Side and so busy with the Harlem Hospital event on Saturday I have not managed a trip to Chinatown which is the only cheap shopping. Thus I am not eating much.

I begin with 5.77.

Breakfast was an egg. That's it..just one egg.

Egg .20

I got off the flight and was more tired than hungry after flying all night so I had an egg and planned on napping...that never happened.

At lunch yet another chicken thigh (I am so sick of chicken)stir fried with some mushrooms (not many) and sugar snap peas. I am grateful to the produce carts parked on Broadway for having the best prices in this neighborhood.

Chicken .75
Mushrooms .22
Sugar snap peas .50

Lunch 1.47

Dinner pizza .99

New York does have a couple of pizza places where you can get a slice for a buck. You can either get a big slice made with garbage ingredients or a pretty small slice made with the good stuff. I had the small slice. 

Total 2.66

It was a very poor day both for my nutrition and calories. I had 540 calories the entire day (no wonder I woke up starving at 5:30 a.m.) the good news is that I can carry over 3.11 into the morrow.

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Mirabai said...

Oh my dear. I wonder how many people on food stamps, never mind diabetics, end up with nutritional days like this.