Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breakfast breads

If I was unclear, let me be clear that this project does have me tracking cost. I am not trying to do a per meal but rather discover what the true cost of diabetes is as I develop recipes that fit the guidelines.

All products made for diabetics cost more than their traditional counterparts, even when there are few differences in ingredients.

I was told that the Quinoa based pasta is really excellent and half the carbs of regular, it is however 4 times the price.

When I did the food stamp diet I relied heavily on pasta and rice. My carbohydrate most days was well over 50% of my diet during that period.

Being poor and diabetic is a double whammy.

I admit that I crave carbohydrate in a big way.I love popovers. I woke up wanting them, just as badly as I craved rice last night.

I decided to give in but adapt the recipe so that it would be somewhat better.

1 cup bread flour
3 eggs
1 cup almond milk
1/4 cup Alba
Dash of salt. This made 8 light crisp popovers, 4 of which I ate.

They worked, they popped and tasted great. I had them with butter and my coffee with goat milk, a few grapes and my carbs came in at exactly 33%.

If you have not used Salba it is a very high fiber seed loaded with omega 3 and fiber. Ask at your local health food store. It is NOT cheap.

As a snack before I went to work I had two slices of bacon. Dr. Atkins would be proud.

At work I was making 'Sunday Gravy' a tomato sauce rich with flavor, this one contained carrot, cabbage, mushrooms, onion, garlic, capers and a lot of tomato. For our diners the sauce could either be vegan or have the meat version with sausage and beef.

I could resist I had a small bowl with sausage. (no beef) and it was okay...50 carbohydates but in good proportion.

At home I had one of those dreaded chicken breasts the dietician suggested I buy, I seasoned the heck out of it and did a quick roast with some broccoli.

The broccoli was great. I added a bit of olive oil to the boring breast, all the seasoning in the world cannot make baked or broiled breast into something that makes me happy. I have to go further to find the right food.

I had my glass of wine and calculated that for the first time since I began this diet I hit my calorie goal of 2,200 for the day. With 28% carbohydrate I had 2,300 calories.

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Anonymous said...

Finally - someone who is thinking about how to make tasty, Type-2-friendly foods!

My husband is Type 2; my daughter, lactose intolerant. Makes for fun cooking.

A few things your dietitian didn't tell you about Type 2, and you might find them useful.
1) Cinnamon lowers blood pressure - have some every day. It makes toast less boring.
2) Dark chocolate is good for you - the darker chocolates (+70%) are low-carb.
3) Wine is a carb, and some Type 2 diabetics find that their diabetes impacts liver function, so alcoholic beverages are not in the diet plan. Ever.

Please, when you've got a great recipe, share it. You're not the only one hoping for flavor in foods :-)