Friday, April 27, 2012

Living as a Diabetic, playing with my food

Think breakfast sausage, the kind with a lot of sage and fennel and a blast of hot pepper. I had made some a while back and had a couple of packets in my freezer, last night I pulled one.

While having my coffee and goat milk I read the lavash package (one thin slice has 10 grams of carb)and the package directions suggested using it as a pizza crust...hmmm.

I ended up with this.

1 Lavash
5 ounces of sausage

I spread the lavash thinly with the sausage s if I was fingerpainting. It was kinda fun.I popped it in the oven at 45 and very soon it had curled and crisped the the sausage was cooked with a touch of brown on top.

What a great breakfast base. I can see adding chopped tomato, or a poached egg, but today it was delicious on it's own. Along with a grapefruit. I kept my carbs at 22% and feel great.

At work my eating was more sloppy and less focused. I kept popping bites; a little puff pastry with cheese, 1 grape, two strawberries, a mushroom, A cup of spinach with a touch of blue cheese dressing, a cup of mashed potatoes (skin on)and a piece of tilapia.

This sloppy eating did not raise my carbs particularly high but unplanned eating can be the nemesis of the diabetic.

It was a long day and I had stops to make on the way home. I was not going to cook again so once in my own kitchen I had a tomato with some salt and olive oil and two ounces of cheddar with a glass of wine.

My carbs were again at 22%, I've not found the happy medium yet. 1,775 calories.

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