Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 3 Living as a Diabetic

I woke up hungry and as I made coffee I went right for the bread and cheese. I had my measured portion and followed it with a bacon and mustard green saute.

Normally I use the greens as a base for a poached egg, but I dropped my eggs on the way home, but was pretty happy with the bacon and greens.

25 grams of carbohydrate at breakfast. A fine amount (just as you can't have too much, you can't have too little)

I had a RARE day off when I was not cooking for anyone else so I went to the gym and did some personal shopping.

...And I got hungry. It was past lunch time and I was still out in the glorious day. To maintain stable blood sugar one must eat regularly and off I set to get a little something.

Today was one of those rare San Francisco days when it is sunny beautiful and warm (we get two a year)so I wanted something to carry and eat while walking. All of those 'go to' items I could see or find would have been too unbalanced and high in carbohydrate. Forget muffins, Toasted baguette, pretzels, Naan,a cone of french fries,  or any of the other easy portable foods I was passing.  I finally decided the safest thing was a vegetarian egg roll. I found a nice place, they were light, crisp, and filled with crunchy vegetables. When I got home I ran the ingredients through my computer program and it turned out that an egg roll was a fine choice.

I put a chicken in the oven and did not want to wait to eat so I sauteed the liver and had that a moment ago. I knew I had better eat something as I had been eying the bread at the last market I was at. I did buy some Lavash but one thin flat piece is within my guidelines.

I made a dinner that not only fit the guidelines but it tasted incredible. I feel like I am beginning to find my way with these restrictions. I roast a chicken, along with a large artichoke and leeks. This (I did not eat the whole chicken) I had with a Quinoa salad with black olives, feta cheese, and chopped tomato. Of course I had my glass of wine. After checking my carbohydrate I added 1 oz. of very dark chocolate for dessert. This was a satisfying and flavor packed meal.

My total carbohydrate for the day was 124 grams;27% of my total calorie intake. I took in 1,750 calories, ( I know I should have had a few more)...and I hit most of the marks with my nutrition.

A dinner this good sets the bar high, let's see if I can keep it up.


Sheri said...

Why don't you track your sodium consumption?

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

Because for me sodium consumption is not a concern. I need more sodium than the average person not less. If I were to put the amount I use (including salt tabs)it might give the impression that high sodium is a good choice for diabetics. Most diabetics need to restrict sodium.