Friday, April 20, 2012

Day Two Living as a Diabetic

It took no time at all to use my carbs for breakfast. I had my coffee with an apple and a piece of toast with some cheese and that's it, 45 grams of carb, my recommended allotment for each meal.I was told that it was 'probably safe' for me to go up to 60 grams on a special occasion I am not seeing that a Friday breakfast is a special occasion. If I am going to live this way for a month I have to live it for real so my carbs are done for breakfast.

My meal plan told me to eat one egg, two toast and 1/2 cup of orange juice. How out of touch are these dieticians? Who measures juice? Despite the fact that whole fruit is always a better option my plan has juice most mornings.

So... protein was next on my breakfast agenda. I had 3 slices of bacon and one egg. All of this along with my coffee came to 532 calories and 47 grams of carbohydrate.

At work I was making grilled cheese for the kids and got hungry so I made a Tuna melt, 2 oz. of cheese and whole wheat bread. It was a good choice, that fit within the guidelines.

I am supposed to have a snack that is a maximum 15 grams of carb and today I did. I had 6 gnocchi along with one cup of collar greens and a slice of baked chicken breast, heavily seasoned.

As a result of that snack I had NO appetite for dinner. Normally I would have gone for some fruit, but that not being an option I had 26 grams of carb in popcorn along with butter.

Along with a glass of red wine. I did okay with my total carbohydrate for the day. It was 35% of my total calories which was a slight but not dangerous overage.

My calories were too low at 1,300, and today I am very grateful for my vitamins.

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