Monday, April 23, 2012

Onions with impunity

25 grams of carbohydrate in one onion. Who knew? I have always eaten onions with impunity never considering how much sugar they contained. Just flavoring food is a carbohydrate minetrap.

I begin my day with my coffee and cream. I wake up hungry. When I am hungry the only thing that really satisfies is bread. I toasted a slice of the whole wheat and had some with the chicken spread I had made along with one tangelo.

A tangelo is only 10 carbs so I came in just fine for breakfast but when I got to work I was hungry again. I had a few small squares of a breakfast special, puff pastry with ham, cheese, collards and a few browned potato bits. It actually fit the balance when I entered the ingredients likely because of the amount of fat to the flour in the pastry.

It kept me going, but not for long. I was making this really good macaroni and cheese for dinner and I had some. I was worried how my 1/4 cup of delicious might throw me off.

It turned out it was alright.

I got home hungry and heated up some soup with cabbage, celery, and mustard greens in a light chicken broth. After a couple of small cups of the soup I rolled some leftover chicken with lettuce and mayo in a lavash.

This with a glass of wine finally satisfied me.

I was CRAVING sugar all day. I am not a big sweet eater but I actually made someone else eat a piece of candy in front of me. I learned that this is not uncommon. I am in withdrawal. The cravings along with my new fear of carbs threw my balance off.

Carbohydrates made up only 22% of my diet for the day so they were actually a little low. I had 1,680 calories, too few for my body size. They were reasonably nutritious calories so I won't obsess, but try to do better today.

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