Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can a diabetic rely on cheese?

I rely heavily on bread and cheese. Toasted baguette in the morning with Camembert, After work a pear, some blue, more bread and wine. While I have changed the type of bread(and the quantity) cheese is still my go to food.

I wake up hungry...bread, cheese and fruit, I come home from work hungry, bread cheese and salad, or fruit. I need a snack at work, grilled cheese with tomato and onion.

Without realizing it these past few months I have become a cheesetarian.

I woke up this morning craving bread and cheese. I toasted some lavash in butter with Parmesan cheese. My fear of eating to much fruit kept me from stocking up so there was none in the house. With coffee this was a fully satisfying repast. 22% carbs.

At work I was soon hungry so I heated up a cup of baked cheese and macaroni, yes more cheese. The balance was okay, the portion small so all was well.

Hungry again soon I had a hard boiled egg, I knew that was a safe snack.

For dinner I had prepared a stroganoff with masses of vegetable in it, spinach, squash, mushroom, collard greens. It was going to be the vegetarian option but I decided to make a meat one was well with about 50% vegetables. Finished with sour cream this was a good meal. I had a cup in the middle of dinner service.

Yet I still came home hungry. I had 2 small bowls of the cabbage soup with mustard greens and added in some of the chicken leftover. A glass of wine and still hungry.

Finally a slice of whole wheat bread, toasted with brie. Ah, satisfaction. The final bread and cheese had sated me.

That blue area...that was my fat content for the day. 53% fat, a bit much for a day when my calories were only 1,666. My carbs were 22%.


Mirabai said...

Not a lot of fiber the last few days either. I'm a bit surprised as you are always describing the fresh greens and veggies in your diet.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

You are correct. There are two reasons behind that. Vegetables contain carbohydrate, as do fruits. I am still learning how to manage my amount for the day and learning the amounts contained in various vegetables.

In addition I tend to combine my vegetables with pasta and rice, my favorite spring thing is to take every green vegetable I have in the house and yard and make a pasta with garlic and oil, or take them all and do a stir fry with a bowl of rice.

In eschewing the large rice/pasta carbs I find it more difficult to get the massive veggies in my diet.

Mirabai said...

It's true, you do eat a lot of pasta. I noticed that when you were doing the food stamp challenge.

I wonder how much difference there would be if you subbed quinoa for part or all of the rice. There is still a lot of carbohydrate but I wonder if the higher protein makes a difference.