Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few of my favorite wines

Thanksgiving wines are always a controversy. Those who swear by Turkey tend to also swear by Zinfandel. I love Zinfandel, I am going to a blind Zinfandel tasting on Sunday hosted by Snooth .

If I meet the Zinfandel of my dreams I promise to let you know.

I did attend the 2008 Grand Tasting sponsored by PJ wine as a benefit for Action Against Hunger last night and had a great time, and found some great wines. I can't possibly write about all of them, but there are a few worthy of celebration...and with the holidays coming you will want to have some things on hand for casual entertaining as well as a few special wines for those amazing dinners you plan to cook.

The first is Garnacha de Fuego ($6.99), I did not try this wine for ages because it had the ugliest label I have ever seen. Based on that I assumed that it was swill suitable for the 99 Cent store. Brian at PJ sent me to try it and I am so glad I did. It has a depth and flavor that are surprising. It is a great wine to keep around the house for casual entertaining and Tuesday dinner. You can serve it at a party with confidence, just decant (yes, the label is that ugly).

My new favorite Chateauneuf du Pape comes from the house of Roger Perrin. It was no surprise to me as they also make my favorite budget Cotes du Rhone. We tasted the 2006, which is quite lovely now, with great dept and finish, but if you have a cellar or some cold storage put it in the basment for a couple of years and have it for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2011. Yes, I plan my drinking ahead that much sometimes.

If you want a special wine for this year, try to Magrez Tivoli-Cuvee D'exception-Medoc. For around $30.00 you can have a wine as sumptuous as the food you are preparing. Your guests will never bring Yellowtail to a party again.

For around $14.00 you can try the Can Blau Monsant, What I love about Monsant is the acid kick that cuts through food with a high fat content, pate, goose, etc. I also love the low tones and great finish.

You don't have to kill your budget to drink well this season.

This Olive Tapenade recipe is easy to make and great to keep on hand for casual visitors. Get a few good crackers and some Mushroom Brie or other spreadable cheese and you are ready for visitors who stop by with good wishes, or gifts.

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