Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yellowtail is to wine what the Olive Garden is to food

Both are an abomination.

I admit that I once thought that Berenger White Zinfandel was the bottom of the proverbial barrel but I now declare Yellowtail to be the worst of the popular wines. Given a choice I would make myself down the kool aid swill that Berenger produces before subjecting myself to another glass of what they call Shiraz.

Think about it...Yellowtail is everywhere, on the sides of busses, on buildings, in full page ads in magazines yet you can still buy it for 6 bucks a bottle. At the same time the 'winery' is reaping heaping profits. Math may not be my subject but if they are spending massive dollars on ads, reaping massive profits and charging about 2 bucks a bottle to the much is left to devote to the quality of the wine? 5 cents maybe.

I daresay even Gallo spends more than that on their jug wines.

With so much good wine at good prices there is no reason to consume nickel bottles of swill.

To leave you with a rant about the worst without giving you something better to drink would be the lowest of the low.

Cartlidge & Brown Syrah from California is an excellent wine for about 10 bucks a bottle. While slightly more expensive than swill the money goes into the bottle, not advertising. Besides which they call the grape by it's proper name, not the made up sounding marketing name.

Move up from swill and thank me later.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I've never had Yellow Tail. I find I like Italian and French wines better than anything else.

My SO knows my tastes but occasionally comes home with one that would be better for pouring down the drain than into my gullet.

That said I've found I like fruity wines better than dry wines.

Don't get me wrong, there are some dry wines I love. But give me one with full flavor and I'll love it even more.

And I stand by the credo that you never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink.

Just said...

Whatever you may think of Yellowtail, I think it's important to note that it's a stepping stone which allows many people to learn that wine doesn't just come in a box. From Yellowtail, they can they graduate to more and better.

Karl Wilder, Chef said...

Yellowtail is available in a Box at your local Costco and other discount stores.