Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Olive Tapenade

This one is so easy I am always surprised that they charge so much for it when they put it in jars.

2 cups olives pitted (REAL olives, nothing from a can or jar)
2 cloves raw garlic
Juice of one lemon

All goes in the food processor and puree. You can make it chunky or very smooth. Spread it, dip it, eat it.

This is especially good as a sandwich spread, try it with humble tuna fish or some smoked salmon and cream cheese.

I use it in the lamb meatballs but have also thrown a few tablespoons in a pasta sauce at the last minute or based a whole simple sauce around the tapenade for a shrimp pasta.

A staple in my refrigerator and keeps for a couple of weeks.

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