Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Part 2 Day 3

I had a lot going on today and I did something I typically do not do. Unconscious eating.

I had people coming in and out and had the rest of the bread with goat cheese bit by bit by bit by bit along with a black plum, and far too much tea. I had to count the bags.
Coffee with cream .34
6 cups of tea .18
Bread .44
Goat Cheese .50
Total 1.46

Then later after the last of the work men left I had some of the salami.

No proper lunch. I did not get to thinking about the gym until late in the day and I had a proper lunch at 5:00, some of the pork from Monday.
With Rice 1.24

Of course even though I had something ready to cook for dinner I was not hungry and waited until the only reasonable thing to eat was popcorn with butter.
Popcorn .11
Butter .30
Total .41

The bottom line is that my day was a nutrition and caloric disaster. However I did promise a recipe a day that fits the budget and this is one that does it. It links you to the basic congee recipe. When you have only bits and scraps in the house at the end of the month this soup will take them all. Think if like stone soup. There is almost nothing you can put in it that will ruin it. Any bit of vegetable meat or flavor just makes it better. You can use up all the bits in the refrigerator and depending on what those bits are it can be highly nutritious.

Back to mine...2,066 calories with this to show for it.

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