Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living on a Food Stamp Budget Part 2 Day 2

I will add up my totals at the end of the week, since this is a short term 2nd project. I will continue to give the price per meal.

I know I am eating less than I can and am going to consciously eat more. I understand why; it is the same fear someone who is using a snap card has, the fear of running out before the end of the month. I don't want to exhaust my funds before the end of the week so I am buying and consuming consciously.

Before I made coffee I started some bread. I did a yogurt,yeast, flour and sugar starter with warm water and let it bubble while I got my breakfast.

Coffee with cream .34
A huge black plum .50
Salami (yes I made it myself and it was just dry enough to slice).30
Cheese .31
Total 1.45

I ended up making a baguette of a sort out of the starter and had about 1/3 of it (still warm) for lunch with some Goat Cheese and a fresh tomato.
Goat Cheese .25 (1 oz)
Tomato .20
Baguette .22

Dinner...Pistachio Pesto with vegetables for 4.

Before I give you this recipe please make substitutions, no basil, use parsley, no snow peas, use cabbage or broccoli. Recipes are just blueprints and I don't want you to think you can't make a substitution. It will come out great with whatever ingredient tweaking you might make.

1 cup pistachios 2.50
Thai Basil 1/2 bunch .55
Olive oil about 4 tablespoons (part of the .33 daily)

Pulse in food processor. That's it your pasta sauce is ready.

Chop 4 roma tomatoes for garnish .80
Put on water to boil and ad 8 ounces of pasta .76
Ready 4 cups of vegetables I used pea pods and shoots 1.00

Put the pesto in a warm bowl and the vegetables in the pasta water for the final minute or so to cook with the pasta. Temper the pesto with a little pasta water, drain, toss and top with chopped tomato. You have a fresh, gorgeous meal. This comes to 1.41 per serving. With all the vegetables the serving appears massive but is reasonable on the calorie scale.
II know I have the funds so I will try to eat more and see how close I can come to maxing out my nutrition tomorrow. 1,412 calories.

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