Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 25 The diabetic food stamp project month 2

I had soup for breakfast....

I can't buy any more food. I need to state that. Even while this will show I am coming in under budget and still have 9.50 towards the replacement of oils and seasonings I don't actually have those funds.

I budgeted monthly and daily. My monthly is gone in that I have frozen dumplings, frozen empanadas, some frozen soup and a few other items that used up the funds. I will eat them, so it won't be wasted.

However to be true to the project once your funds are spent they are spent even if you daily totals seem less SNAP won't put up more money.

So...I eat a lot of dumplings.

Congee .02
Dumplings .66

Coffee/cream .17
Total .85

Carbs 30 grams

For lunch a quesadilla with some of the turkey black bean mix.

Quessadilla .50
Iced tea .03
Total .53
Carbs 39 grams

For dinner my tiny pasta portion with broccoli.
Pasta .12
Broccoli .50
Capers .10
Cheese .20
Total .92
Carbs 40 grams

4.25 plus 4.47 is 8.72 ...which is what I had (theoretically if I chose only from pantry items) This leaves me with an extra 6.42 to apply to what is in my pantry.

I spent 2.30 less than any other day so far. I admit I am bored with what has been on my plate and I am tired of this. March 1 I go off the budget.

Keep in mind that millions in America eat on this budget or less and that many poor cannot get assistance due to the paperwork requirements.

I only had 1,191 calories and my nutrition...

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