Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wines for Maggie

Maggie has recently begun the transition from white to red wine, she doesn't want to drink anything to heavy and nothing dry.

For the red newbie here's a list of friendly wines to try before you move onto Bordeaux.
Beaujolais, and I am not talking about the new stuff that comes out every Thanksgiving, but the Beaujolais Village and the Beaujolais Cru, they are more developed than the 'New' with more complexity but are never super dry or intimidating.

Gamay Noir is another selection that many white drinkers come to favor for it's simple fruit, light body and ability to be served chilled.

California Pinot Noir can also be a wonderful choice for those new to red. It tends to be light in style and can easily be served with salmon or other flavorful fish.

A Chianti may have a bit more heft but with Italian food it's fruity charms can be considerable. The bright acid is appealing to many who favor the pale stuff.

Taste, enjoy and let me know what you end up loving.

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