Friday, December 5, 2008

Lemon Chicken Recipe

The month of December is an eating month and we tend to overindulge in the rich and delicious foods of the season. This lemon chicken recipe is elegant enough for holiday entertaining but easy enough for a Tuesday night at home. The light bright flavors are a great way to wake up your palate.

1 chicken thigh or breast per serving (boneless and skinless, partially frozen)
Juice of one lemon per serving
1 finely chopped garlic clove per serving
1 tablespoon of capers per serving
1 splash of white wine per serving
A sprinkling of flour

*If you like a sauce that has a hint of sweetness a touch of honey can be added.

When the thighs are partially frozen they are easy to slice. Try to get 8 slices out of each thigh with a serrated knife. Put between two sheets of plastic wrap and hit with a hammer a few times to thin. Once you have beaten your meat lightly salt, pepper and dust (do not drench) with flour. Sprinkle the flour as you would the salt, very lightly.

Heat some olive oil in a large pan and saute each slice just until cooked, approximately 4 minutes. Remove to a warm platter.

Turn heat HIGH, toss in the garlic and when soft, throw in the lemon juice, splash of wine and reduce. Throw in the capers and pour over the chicken and serve.

If you have a crisp Rose left over from the summer it would be beautiful with this dish.


Anonymous said...

I made this dish tonight. I have enough confidence in your recipes now that I made it for guests. I got raves, it was so light and wonderful.

Thank you for this one. Can we have some more light food in December?

Paul Green said...


I came across your blog and wasted to say hello/good work. Let's chat sometime.