Monday, July 14, 2008

Crab Cakes Maya

My apologies for being such a negligent host. S.O. took me to Seattle for my birthday (yes the big one) and the moment I got back I began to work on a 50 person wedding feast. Yesterday my hands looked like crab claws so swollen were they from chopping and stirring. The Hall of Shame is coming (I have 200 entries that were truly awful to consider) and I will write more about Seattle and the area including a bit about Wild Ginger, a very creative and completely delicious Seattle restaurant where I spent my birthday

But for now...we have Crab Cakes Maya. Shelled crab is quite expensive now and would have been too much for the wedding party's budget but the bride had a lovely daughter who wanted two things, chocolate fondue for fruit and crab cakes. I always come to any event with a small supply of emergency food and a pound of dried pasta for the "I can't eat ______ wedding guest. None were present at this event so I had to do a crab cake with...whatever.

Crab Cakes Maya

8 ounces of crab meat

1 duck egg beaten

1/4 red onion grated

a couple of party crackers crushed

Salt and pepper

Chives, lots of chives

Truffle butter and fresh lime

I took the egg and beat it adding in a few crushed crackers, the onion and the crab. I hit it with seasoning and the chives and formed the cakes. NO way were they going to stay together in the pan so I tucked them in the freezer for about 30 minutes to set. Hot olive oil and a good sear on both sides until they were heated through. I topped with a little melted truffle butter and a squeeze of lime and served on a bed of onion with additional lime.

A little chunk just happened to fall off in the pan...and these were good. The egg added a nice richness to the mix and the chives with the lime woke up the flavor. Maya, you now have a dish of your own.


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