Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wine and Food

As an astute reader pointed out I forgot to mention the wine that we paired with the Joy Behar Pasta. I chose a Centine by Banfi. The Banfi Centine is a fine blend of Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The Banfi Centine is a blend of Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. I would describe it as both soft and strong, which actually makes it sound a bit like Charmin, but it's accurate. It pairs equally well with a nice chicken or a very mellow lamb dish. With a pesto you can choose either a strong peppery wine to stand up and shake hands with the sauce or a mellow contrast. This is a wine I buy by the case because it pairs well with many foods, and because I am a sentimental person. I first had it with S.O. on New Year's Even in Florida and each sip takes me to the beach at a Moroccan restaurant on a beautiful night. I'm good with that.

Another of my favorite food wines are the Fitous. Among my favorites are the Domaine Gautier Fitou 2005. It is one of those wonderful Rhone blends that gets the best out of every grape they press. Great fruit, full mellow flavor and a hint of earthiness makes this a wonderful choice with cheese at a cocktail party or beef at the dinner table. It pairs beautifully with food or conversation with a couple of olives.

Terra Rosa Malbec is a Cabernet Malbec blend that defies it's price range and it's unfortunate bottle. It's rich, dense, fruity, lush and delicious. Kick ass with tomato sauces, lamb, and pork. I did not want to try this wine, I did not want to like this wine. It has a screw cap. Say what you want about screw caps being a good preservation method but the fact remains that they remind one of very bad jug wines. Screw caps should be limited to White Zinfandel and Yellowtail and any other undrinkable wines. (To even refer to Yellowtail as wine is a compliment to the swill they bottle) Nonetheless I love this wine and buy it by the case.

As much as I love the reds there is a place for whites. On an Italian cliff side overlooking the beach a glass of Greco will do just fine. I don't have many of the whites in my house because so much of my cooking needs the red.

However I am a huge fan of Rose'. I love the additional complexity and subtle flashes of flavor so many Rose' wines posses. 2006 Lafond, Claude Rose, Tavel is a big favorite. With nice fruit and mineral flavors it is a favorite wine to pair with seafood.

The great thing about all these wines is that they are available for around ten bucks a bottle.

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