Friday, April 4, 2008

Tax Day Comfort Pasta

Paying for a war is expensive and I took a big hit with taxes today. After a long train ride back into Manhattan from the tax preparers office I was hungry. I had beautiful olive tapenade and hummus ready to go. I have gorgeous fresh artichokes and asparagus. Surrounded by this beautiful healthy food I put a pot of water on to boil and grabbed the sausage. I needed comfort food. I broke a long standing rule of NEVER having pasta for a main and weighed out 4 ounces. I chunked tomato and garlic and made a great sauce. A sauce that should have been paired with a penne or a fussili but I broke a culinary rule and had it with spaghetti. I needed to twirl.

A couple glasses of Ox Malbec Reserve later (leftover from last night's party) I am calm enough to commit this recipe to paper. It was damn good and I am much comforted.

1/4 pound of spicy sausage (An Italian is great, tonight I used Carolina loose meat sausage which has both more hot pepper and salt than an Italian)
2 large ripe Roma tomatoes chunked
10 cloves of garlic chunked
10 green olives chunked
1 cup Rose wine (Any decent wine will do)

4 ounces of pasta (Two appetizer portions or one comforting meal)

Brown the sausage and when it is almost done add the chunked garlic to brown and soften a bit. It doesn't take long. Throw in the tomatoes and wine, stir and lower heat to reduce. In about 5 minutes throw the pasta in the water. When the pasta looks almost done throw the olives in the sauce and put the sauce on high. Toss the pasta in the sauce til glazed and put the whole mass in a warmed bowl.

You need a strong red with this one and don't plan on kissing anyone who does not eat it with you.

My someone is in D.C. (Or is it Baltimore) tonight and the cat is visiting a friend so my breath will not offend. I wish the IRS offices were open, I would go over there and breathe on them.

p.s. If you want the garlic smell gone from you by morning take a few chlorophyll capsules before bed.


Yanon Soume said...

I like the story about your day as much as the recipe. Keep them coming.

Just said...

This is your "someone." Since I'd be eating every nasty, garlicky bite with you, breath wouldn't be an issue.

Eat on!